Cobble Hill

Welcome to Cobble Hill

In 1946 Robert Moses gained approval to build the Brooklyn-Battery Tunnel to connect Red Hook to Lower Manhattan. The highway and tunnel entrance on the Manhattan side plowed through a 50-year old immigrant community called “Little Syria.” Clearly, the pain and loss of displacement is not a new story in New York. Luckily, this scattered community was able to resettle in the Brooklyn neighborhoods of Cobble Hill, Sunset Park and there are even traces of it in Bay Ridge.

The first section of this page will explore the part of the old “Little Syria” that has made Cobble Hill its home.

All of the below pictures are along Atlantic Avenue between Court Street and Clinton Street.

Atlantic Avenue and Clinton Street

As you walk down Atlantic Avenue towards the water you’ll find a couple of old New York diners and bars as well. Even in a neighborhood as thoroughly gentrified as Cobble Hill, a few places still hang on.

Atlantic Avenue and Henry Street

Atlantic Avenue and Hicks Street

Speaking of gentrification, notice the juxtaposition of the old Montero Bar and Grill and its new neighbor, River Park Gourmet.